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Beitrittsdatum: 5. Juli 2023


Joe began teaching about wine nearly a decade ago, and his wine education includes the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Diploma, the Certified Sommelier qualification from the Court of Master Sommeliers - Europe, and the Wine & Spirits MBA from the Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France. Joe received top marks completing all Wine Scholar Programs through the Wine Scholar Guild, including the French Wine Scholar (Highest Honors), Italian Wine Scholar (Honors), Spanish Wine Scholar (Honors), and Certified Sherry Wine Specialist (Highest Honors).

Joe is pursuing admission into The Institute of Masters of Wine program and preparing for the Court of Master Sommeliers – Europe Advanced Sommelier qualification. Joe dedicates himself to his pursuit of educating others and democratizing wine while staying committed to his core principles of Honor and Integrity.

Joe Benvenuto, DipWSET, IWS, FWS, SWS, CSWS

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