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Winery #95: Christian Hermann (Fläsch, Switzerland)

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

While approaching our next winery visit in Fläsch, we immediately recognized the colorful "Hermann" sign and a cute table set with wine glasses and water prepared for our arrival. Our host, Christian Hermann, whose winery is appropriately named Christian Hermann, greeted us and paid particular attention to Brodi, for which he was very thankful. Before we began tasting his wines, Christian gave us an overview of his winery and how he produced grapes from 12 parcels of land throughout the local area, each with its unique characteristics.

After receiving many accolades due to the outstanding quality of his wines and the limited wine production from 4.5 hectares (just over 11 acres) of vineyards, Christian sold all of his current vintage wines! So, what did we do for the tasting? Well, our host went to the barrels! Known for his Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines, Christian poured us an array of classic and reserve wines of the 2020 and 2021 vintages directly from the barrels in his cellar. When sampling wines from the barrel, we must remember that these are not the final products but works in progress. We found the evolution of Christian's wines so interesting, comparing the two-year-old wines to last year's vintage and seeing the similarities in flavors and aromas with differences in the tannin and structure from the age of the wine and the impact of the barrels. We strongly feel the future looks bright for these wines! Since these wines sell quickly, we'll need to place our order soon. As a side note, some wineries use a "barrel tasting" to deliver a unique wine experience, refilling the barrels with the current vintage wines you can buy bottled, which is much different than tasting wines maturing in oak barrels. Both tastings are always fun!

The grand finale of our experience was a tour of Christian Hermann’s wine bottle cellar in a former Swiss Army weapons storage bunker dug deep into the mountains of Fläsch.

Not every day do these bunkers go up for sale, so when Christian learned about the opportunity to own nearly indestructible storage space for wines kept at a constant 13 degrees Celsius, he acted quickly! In the case of disaster, you'll know where we will be heading!

Click here for a video of our wine experience!!

Experience Rating: 3 Stars

Brodi’s Rating: 3 Paws Up

Pet-Friendly: Yes

Experience Vibe: Private Experience, Cellar Tour, Seated Wine Tasting

Reservations Needed: Yes

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