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A wine glass being filled with wine at a wine tasting event at the Zürich Wine Academy
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Passion for Wine
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Join our vibrant community of wine enthusiasts and gain insider access to the Zürich Wine Academy's latest news, tips, industry insights and valuable recommendations from the exciting world of wine.  See you around!

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Upcoming Events

Our Services

Courses and CErtifications

Certifications for wine lovers and professionals with industry recognition

MAster Classes And Events

Engaging and short one-time programs with a social component to them


Unforgettable experiences curated eclusively for you and your guests.

Corporate Events

We design dynamic, engaging and educational team-building wine events.

Wine is more than a beverage:

It’s a portal to understanding culture, cultivating relationships, discovering new places and enriching our life experiences.

The Zürich Wine Academy provides engaging, fun and enriching wine experiences and education for everyone, from wine novices to wine professionals.

We offer industry recognized certifications, curate educational travel experiences, and organize wine-tasting events and master classes to assist you on your own wine journey.


Discover our services below and join us in the adventure of enjoying life through wine!

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