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Winery #1: The Cape Winery (New York, United States)

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

“A thousand mile journey starts with the first step, Son.”

With this advice once given by my Grandpa Joe, we start the journey of 500 Wineries. The first stop is The Cape Winery located in Cape Vincent, New York. For those not familiar with the Thousand Islands Region in New York State, the area hosted the who’s who of New York since the late 19th century. The Thousand Islands is home to actually 1,864 islands, a castle on a heart-shaped islands, and an island owned by the Skull & Bones society from Yale. It's also home for the world famous Thousand Island dressing. Where the Saint Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario, we find Cape Vincent and The Cape Winery.

The Fralick family welcomed us during our visit, and we were seated at a cute café table under an old tree overlooking the vines. Due to the cold weather of this extremely northern location, many of the wines are produced from Hybrid grapes. Hybrid like a Prius, right? Well, not really. Most wines we know are produced from the species Vitis Vinifera grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, etc. Hybrids are a genetic cross between a Vitis Vinifera and an American grape species with the purpose of producing great wine with the ability to survive the cold climate of northern New York. We tasted nine wines, with my favorites being a hybrid dry red wine called Marquette Corsé and Gris’s favorite was a dry white Pinot Gris. I think she liked the name…

For the non-drinker, the Fralick family also has a wide array of handmade soaps and oils produced right on the farm, so you can enjoy a great sensorial escape through their cute smells and aromas.

This winery also give your the possibility to have a splendid weekend escape. If you come here you can stay in Cape Vincent, Clayton or Alexandria Bay. There are many AirBnB and Bed and Breakfast. You can then go for a swim or boat ride in the river, enjoy the nature around the areas and relax in one of the most beautiful sceneries you can find on this side of the world.

Experience Rating: 3 Stars

Brodi's Rating: 2 Paws Up

Pet-Friendly: Yes

Experience Vibe: Private Experience, Seated Tasting

Reservations Needed: No

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