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Heiri Bolleter Weinbau (Meilen, Switzerland)

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Upon our arrival at Heiri Bolleter Weinbau in Meilen, Switzerland, the winery owner ran, not walked, down from the vineyard to greet us! We were stunned, especially after reaching out to 29 local wineries to learn that they were not accepting guests due to harvest. Well, not Heiri Bolleter! He excused himself briefly from the harvest to meet us at his wine cellar, giving us a quick tour of his facilities and an overview of the property.

We were so honored to have the opportunity to meet with the winery owner, and we purchased two bottles for a lakeside picnic. As soon as we departed, Heiri immediately ran back up to the vineyard to continue to harvest this year’s grapes with his crew of pickers. Although this was not a traditional wine visit, we wanted to highlight the dedication of this Swiss winemaker to his customers despite the ongoing harvest. We will return for a complete tour and tasting. Thank you so much Heiri Bolleter Weinbau!!!

Pet-Friendly: Yes

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