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Winery #58: de Tarczal (Trentino, Italy)

Our final visit in Trentino concluded at de Tarczal, a winery belonging to an established family from the region. Elena de Tarczal, a de Tarczal family member responsible for wine production, was our host for the visit.

De Tarczal’s specialty is producing red wine from the Marzemino grape that is indigenous to the local area. In its historic claim to fame, Marzemino is noted in Mozart’s opera, Don Giovanni, “Versa il vino, eccellente Marzemino,” translated in English to “Pour a glass of excellent Marzemino.” After tasting de Tarczal’s Marzemino wines, I wholeheartedly agree with Wolfgang.

This brings us to our favorite wine from the tasting line-up: the 2018 Husar. We were drawn in by the interesting label depicting a historic military officer. Elena explained that one of his ancestors was an admiral in the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Army, and was responsible for the expansion of vineyard land through his marriage into the Count Alberti family. It’s extremely interesting to see so many connections to the military in the Trentino wine region. De Tarczal’s Marzemino grapes, from over 60 year-old vines, contribute concentrated aromas and flavors of dark cherry, ripe plums, and violet to the Husar wine. The wine’s round mouthfeel can be attributed to the de Tarczal family ageing the wine for 18 months in used, large oak barrels that improve the overall finesse of the wine without contributing oak-induced aromas or flavors.

Elena mentioned that the family also runs a restaurant on the property, La Vineria. The restaurant began twenty years ago offering just snacks, eventually transforming into the established restaurant it is today. Since our wine tasting ended at noon, we decided to make a visit and I can say the meal was absolutely fantastic. Elena explained that the wine prices are the same as in the wine shop, which as cost-conscious consumers, we greatly appreciated. During lunch, Brodi took the opportunity for a quick nap as we prepared to travel to our next adventure!

Experience Rating: 3 Stars

Brodi's Rating: 2 Paws Up

Pet-Friendly: Yes

Experience Vibe: Private Experience, Standing Bar Tasting

Reservations Needed: Yes

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