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Winery #82: Salomon Undhof (Kremstal, Austria)

The next experience took place at Salomon Undhof in the city of Krems, Austria. Salomon Undhof, one of the oldest privately-owned estates in Austria, has been producing wine in Austria's Kremstal wine region since 1792. The family also owns a second winery located in the Finniss River district of Australia! Since Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the wine-production schedule is six months opposite that of Austria's, making it slightly more convenient for the family to manage both estates.

Unfortunately, our pre-scheduled wine experience happened to coincide with the winery’s inventory day. The wine tasting of four wines was extremely abrupt and interrupted. We hope to have the opportunity to return for another visit under better conditions in the future.

Experience Rating: 1 Star

Brodi's Rating: 1 Paw Up

Pet-Friendly: Yes

Experience Vibe: Formal Standing Bar Tasting

Reservations Needed: No

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