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Heusser Rebbau und Weinhandel (Uster, Switzerland)

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The time was 4:59pm, and several cars were already in the parking lot of Heusser Rebbau und Weinhandel patiently waiting for the opening of the wine shop. As the clock struck the hour, in came the cheerful winemaker Eveline Heusser Feisthammel and her mother welcome the visitors. Eveline is a second-generation winemaker who took over the family vineyard in 2002. The family’s quaint store showcased a wide variety of wines and local Swiss products, one of which caught my eye: a bottle of Cabernet Dorsa. According to Eveline, this grape that produces red wine is a cross between Lemberger, a black grape found in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, as well as the famous Cabernet Sauvignon. During our conversation with Eveline, we discovered that she was running on three hours of sleep as she was in the vineyards nearly all night harvesting grapes. When most wineries put up the "Closed" sign during harvest, Eveline and her mother pushed through exhaustion to open the shop for their loyal customers. Yet another testament to the dedication and hard work of these Swiss winemakers! Thank you so much, Eveline, for the wonderful conversation!

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