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Warum wir

Die Welt des Weins ist breit und vielfältig, und bei einem so großen Spektrum an Möglichkeiten kann die Auswahl der besten Institution für die eigene Weinreise entmutigend sein. Hier sind einige der Gründe, warum wir die beste Option in der Schweiz sind.

10 Gründe, bei uns zu studieren

1. Founded in Zürich

We are Zürich's permanent full-time wine school.  Our dedicated space gives us versatility and transforms to offer the perfect ambiance for classes, tastings, events, and community gatherings. 

2. Top Results

We are a results-oriented educational organization with a proven track record of student successes.  Currently, we have a 98% exam pass rate with 36% of our students achieving Distinguished-level results across all of our WSET and Wine Scholar Guild programs!


3. Course Resources

We have an extensive collection of wine-region maps with over 50 wine maps and 17 topographic (3-D) maps, along with our extensive wine library, rock and soil samples, a vine rootstock, and hands-on learning resources. Everything you need to elevate your knowledge, whether you're new in the world of wine or you're in the wine and hospitality industries. 

4. Location, Location, Location!

We have the most convenient location in central Zürich, just 50 meters from the Stauffacher Tram station and walking distance from anywhere in downtown Zürich.

5. Highest Quality Wines

We provide our students with the best quality and most representative wine samples with our average price per bottle of wine exceeding CHF 30 in our WSET and Wine Scholar Guild Programs.

6. Ultimate Flexibility

We live stream and record all our classes allowing students great flexibility to accommodate busy schedules.  Additionally, we can bottle the wines in 50ml samples so you can catch up on the wine tasting if you miss a class at no additional charge.

7. Unlimited Refreshments

We offer unlimited complimentary gourmet coffee, premium teas, and sparkling water to our students. For those who attend full-day weekend classes, we will provide lunch!

8. Complete Wine Education

We offer Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) courses, and multiple MasterClasses each month on various topics in English and German.

9. Personal Attention

All our classes are limited to 12 students to ensure individual attention and dynamic classroom discussions.  For our classes, we never cancel a course due to a minimum number of students required.

10. Best Pricing

We provide the most competitive pricing of any wine education provider in the Zürich area. 

11. Top Instructors

Our team holds certifications from the most prestigious institutions in the wine industry with our lead wine instructor earning the WSET Diploma (Level 4), the Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers – Europe, and the Wine & Spirits MBA from the prestigious Burgundy School of Business.

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8 Werdstrasse, 8004 Zürich



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